Pitt Co. Board Of Commissioners Up Sheriff's Salary To $100K+

Since the early part of May, the Pitt County budget process has undergone a few major developments.

Last month, four high-ranking employees turned down 4% bonuses. At a Board of Commissioners meeting Monday night, Pitt County Sheriff Neil Elks gladly accepted a pay increase.

The sheriff was earning roughly $86,000, but with a 16% pay increase Elks' salary will be about $99,700. Elks also receives an on-call pay of $5,600, so the pay increase will put his salary at over $100,000.

"It's been a need there," said Elks. "The county restraints we've seen the last couple of years has been tough and the county being able to adjust the salaries. It's a step in the right direction."

The 2014-2015 fiscal year budget also includes an additional $273,000 for Pitt County schools.

The commissioners also approved an animal control expansion proposal known as the K-9 Control Ordinance, which passed by a vote of 8-1. The ordinance will increase the animal control budget by about $400,000.