Pit Bull Quarantined After Biting Lenoir County Boy

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Lenoir County deputies are investigating the report of a pit bull attack on a 9-year old boy, after his 16-year-old cousin pulled the dog off the child.

The boy's family says Saturday the dog named Leo broke away from his yard and bit 9-year-old Braxton Penny. Braxton's family says he was outside playing at his cousin's house at Liddell Road in Deep Run, Braxton ran to the front porch when he saw the dog. That's when he says, the dog bit his arm and shook him from the porch to the ground.

Braxton's 16-year-old cousin managed to get the dog off of the little boy. Their cousin, Maria, who owns the home where the children were playing says on several occasions the dog would come onto her property barking and growling, scaring her and her children.

Braxton's mother says she is pressing charges against the dog's owners. She says her son who loves to play baseball had to get several stitches and might not be able to use his arm for at least one year. The Lenoir County Sheriff's Office says the dog has been quarantined.