Pit Bull Quarantined After 11-Year-Old Bitten

A Pitt County 11-year-old is home from school Tuesday after being bitten by a pit bull in his neighborhood.

Tyquon Artis was treated at Vidant Medical Center after he was bitten on the behind Monday afternoon. It happened at the child's mobile home park that's on Highway 43, south of Greenville.

The child's mother says her son had just gotten off his school bus and was walking to his home when the dog came at him.

The dog is on a long leash, according to the mother, and their neighborhood is separated by a wide ditch. Tyquon says he was cutting through a vacant yard, saw the dog on the other side of the ditch, and knew the leash wasn't long enough to reach him. But somehow the dog was able to jump the ditch and it attacked the child.

Pitt County Animal Control is investigating, and has quarantined the dog to inside the owner's home. No one answered the door at the home Tuesday when we visited.

Tyquon's mother says they have nothing against pit bulls, in fact she says they own one.

As for Tyquon, he is home from the hospital, but his mother says he may require some plastic surgery to repair the damage.