Ping Pong Balls Dropped For United Way Fundraiser

The city of Greenville held its second "ball drop" fundraiser of the year Monday to benefit the United Way of Pitt County.

More than 700 balls were hoisted up in a bucket truck at Elm Street Park and then dropped from several stories up.

Three numbered balls that landed closest to a target mark earned cash prizes from $100 to $150 dollars.

Kids attending a nearby little league tournament then earned a free Chick-fil-A kids meal coupon for helping to pick up.

Tickets for the ping pong balls were sold at city hall for $1.00 a piece.

The event is part of the annual fundraising efforts by city employees to benefit the United Way.


A ton of ping pong balls will drop from the skies of a stadium at a local park Monday, all for a good cause.

The City of Greenville is hosting its second Ball Drop of the year to help raise money for the United Way of Pitt County. The drop will be made from the Field of Dreams at Elm Street Park.

Anyone can purchase tickets for balls from the United Way, or Greenville City Hall or Municipal Building.

When you buy a ticket, a number is written on your ping pong ball. Balls will then be collected and dropped from a lift high over the Field of Dreams.

If your ball is among the top three balls landing closest to a target on the stadium's field, you will win a cash prize.

Winners that are not present will be contacted to collect their money.

The fun drop will be 5:30 p.m. Monday at the Field of Dreams on 1058 South Elm Street in Greenville.