Photo Of U.S. Soldier In Afghanistan Watching Birth Of Twin Daughters Via Internet Goes Viral

(KPNX) There's an emotional picture that's been making its rounds on the web recently.

It shows an army airborne soldier watching his wife give birth to their first two children, twin girls, live via video chat from Afghanistan.

In the photo you see the new father crying tears of joy thousands of miles and ten hours away from where he wants to be in the hospital room with his new family.

"He just started crying, and it was pretty awesome, and then he heard the second one scream and he was just super excited about it all," said new mom Shannon Romney of Mesa, Arizona.

Liberty and Lauren were born just minutes apart.

Shannon Romney says a nurse held her phone as she and her husband shared the moment during her 3:00AM caesarian section.

"He was looking at me kind of shocked, but then he had this big huge smile on his face," Romney said.

It's a bittersweet moment, something Romney says she and her husband Colton are getting used to.

The Mesa high school sweethearts were also apart when Romney had her ultrasound revealing they would be having twins.
"He was shocked and i was shocked and he didn't believe it until i showed him that we were having twins. It's weird what technology can do these days," said Romney.

Colton's mom Tammie Romney says it's been a blessing as three of her sons have served their country overseas.

"I have posted on my army mom's page many times; i don't know how people did this before Skype," said Tammie Romney.

That's especially true when information about loved ones is in short supply on the front lines.

Shannon Romney says she doesn't know when her husband will get to hold his two girls.

"I have been worried since he left, but, now that they're born, it definitely became greater because he's over there," Romney said.

Liberty and Lauren are both preemies delivered on Wednesday.

Shannon Romney says doctors performed the C-section on her birthday.