Counterfeit Money Turns Up On Campus At ECU

Check your dollar bills closely!

In the past two weeks there have been two cases of fake money showing up at East Carolina University.

The cashier's office, where all of the cash on campus eventually ends up, identified two fake bills since late August and early September of this year.

ECU Police say this is the third report of funny money on campus since January.

The money involved in the January case was a $5.00 bill. The latest cases involved a $20.00 and a $100.00

While police say this is not a huge problem, this kind of activity shows up from time to time.

At this time it's not known which departments on campus accepted the fake money.

The cashier's office sent emails to the campus departments asking them to invest in counterfeit detector pens to curb the problem.

They also said if they can determine which departments accepted any fake money, they will be responsible for replacing the funds.

Click on the link below for information on how to spot counterfeit cash.