Pets Suffer With Pollen Allergies Too

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Did you know pollen can cause problems for your pets too.

At Craven Animal Hospital in James City, Dr. Bobbi Kotrba says the yellow stuff can cause your pet to have more drainage from their eyes than usual, and skin reactions- hot spots which are moist areas where a skin infection has occurred usually showing less hair in the area. If your pet goes outside often, Dr. Kortba says there is one important thing to do.

"Because there is so much stuff floating in the air right now, water bowls and containers need to be cleaned every day and replenished with fresh water cause that pollen will get in there and bacteria grows and just lots of yucky stuff in there."

Dr. Kortba says cats are not as bothered by the pollen as dogs.

If you notice any of these signs, you should take your pet to the vet. Also, Benadryl can be effective, but check with your vet first.