Perseid Meteor Shower Peaking This Weekend, Is It Worth Viewing?

1. One of the most active meteor showers with nearly 70 meteors per hour
2. Still warm! No need to bundle up for a cold night. Mid 70s all weekend long.
3. No moon. A small crescent moon will be visible until about 9:30pm. After it sets, expect a bit more darkness to help illuminate the faintest meteors.
4. Meteors will cater to your schedule. The setting moon means you can head out when you please. Night owl or early bird, if you find a clear sky, you'll be able to find a few meteors.

1. Cloud cover. There will be some clear shots at the sky, but expect more clouds than sky most nights
2. Hot and humid means mosquitoes. Don't forget the bug spray!
3. Cloud cover.

Drive away from city lights and allow about 15 minutes for the eyes to adjust to the darkness. Also, with such an active meteor shower there isn't a specific direction to focus the eyes.

Pros outweigh the cons which means we should all give it a try for at least 30 minutes. More importantly, be sure to let me know about your experience via  Facebook or Twitter. I'll be sharing tomorrow morning at 7am on WITN.