Outgoing Governor Perdue: "I'm Pretty Happy With A Job Well Done"

Governor Beverly Perdue decided to spend her her last day as governor with kids at Blue Creek Elementary School in Onslow County.

Once Republican Pat McCrory takes over Saturday, Perdue will take it easy for a few weeks. Perdue says, "Personally I'm going to take a three week vacation, and then I'm going to go back to work. Professionally, because of the ethics laws in NC I'll be glad to have that discussion with you on Monday, but not today while I'm the same sitting governor."

While on vacation, she'll have time to reflect on her four years in office, which she was doing Friday. "The biggest regret that I have is that I was governor in the hardest economy since the great depression. It would have been great for me, as someone who understands economic development and understands its tie with education, to continue to invest in very innovative job creation and job training programs in our high schools and community colleges. The resources didn't allow that to happen."

But Perdue, who decided not to run for a second term, won't get a chance to rectify her regrets --at least as the governor of North Carolina. Perdue says, "I think any governor when they leave office wishes they could have done more, and at the end of the day I'm pretty happy with a job well done."


The first woman governor of North Carolina is spending her last full day in office here in Eastern Carolina.

Governor Beverly Perdue is visiting two schools in Onslow County this morning. The Democrat is recognizing the school district for its use of technology in the classroom.

Perdue, who is from New Bern, surprised many people last year when she announced she would not seek re-election. She is the first governor not to run for a second term since the state constitution was changed to allow that.

Republican Pat McCrory, who Perdue beat in 2008, will take the oath of office on Saturday.