Pepsi To Hold Shareholders Meeting In New Bern

PepsiCo, born in New Bern 115 years ago, announced at a luncheon in the "Bear City" Tuesday that shareholders meeting will now be held there.

The yearly, week-long event will bring shareholders from all over the world to New Bern.

New Bern Mayor Lee Bettis says, "The international guys coming here and the exposure they are giving us nationally asking their employees to come on a pilgrimage as the CEO said all we can do is say thank you."

Jeff Minges with Minges Bottling says, "I think PepsiCo feels strongly about the roots, the fact that Pepsi was born here and they realize the efforts of a wonderful community that has poured their hearts out to PepsiCo."

The CEO of the company was at Tuesday's meeting, however we were not permitted to record his speech or talk to him on camera.

In the past, the shareholders meetings have been held in Texas and New York.