Parents Use MLK March As Teaching Opportunity

An MLK Day march in Jacksonville drew a crowd of about 200 people on Monday.

The MLK Keeping the Dream Alive Committee organized that march, along Highway 17 in Jacksonville.

Many who marched lived through the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's, while others were much too young to remember those days.

Some parents brought their children along, including Wayne Chambers, who said it's important to never forget the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement.

"He's learning about it also in school," Chambers said about his son.

Chambers continued, "But, again, we talk about it and I want him to know this man is the man who started it all for everyone of color. Not just for everyone of color, but everyone of all races. He's one of the main factors of the race relations getting better."

This is the seventh year for the event.