Lenoir County Parents And Police Discuss School Safety

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Another school system in the east met Tuesday to discuss safety concerns in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Parents, school officials, and law enforcement in Lenoir County reviewed their safety procedures for the first time this year. During their 2 hour discussion, many elementary school principals voiced their desire to have a police officer on campus, like high schools do. The schools also agreed to remove postings of lockdown procedures, which were previously displayed around campus, so that intruders do not know what the procedures are.

"Sandy Hook has heightened our awareness of how detailed we need to be with those plans, so meetings like this are just so beneficial," said Northeast Elementary Principal
Kecia Dunn

Lenoir County Public schools typically have 2-3 safety meetings a year to discuss new or growing problems in the school district.

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Keeping kids safe at school remains an important issue to parents, especially in light of last month's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. Today, one school system will address safety concerns with parents and the police.

The Lenoir County School System is hosting a roundtable discussion about the safety of the school district. School officials say they review and update their safety plans on an ongoing basis, and they're accepting input from several key players in the community on how best to keep the children safe.