Pamlico Co. Health Dept: Illegal Private Dump Is Public Health Concern

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Several health agencies are investigating what they say is an illegal dumping site in Pamlico County where they found chemicals and waste, and say the man responsible has been burning them into the atmosphere.

Pictures the Pamlico County Health Department took Monday show the area on private land piled high with burnt garbage and containers for hundreds of feet. Investigators say the man responsible is the property owner Philip Willis. Pamlico County Health Director Dennis Harrington says the site is 1,000 feet wide and 18 feet tall, and could be bringing significantly dangerous effects to the environment.

"I didn't know nothing like that was going on behind us. I mean that's right in our back yard. It's dangerous. Chemicals, germs- it's just unbelievable," said Debra Smith who lives near the dump site.

Harrington tells us Willis could face major fines, and that legal action could be brought against him. He has 30-45 days to clear the site.