POLICE: Teens Faked Attempted Abduction To Ditch School

Police said two teens are facing juvenile petitions after filing false police reports about an attempted abduction that never happened.

Havelock Police said at 6:45 Monday morning, officers were called to Lee Drive and Coyote Trail for the report of an attempted juvenile abduction.

Once there, officers said a 13 and 14-year-old girl said the 13-year-old was approached by a man while the girls were awaiting their school bus.

The teens told police the 13-year-old ran from the man and was able to get away.

Police said the story did not seem to add up, and once investigators asked more questions of friends and an adult witness, they found more inconsistencies.

Police said the determined the girls made up the story of an attempted abduction to cover their tracks because they had planned to skip school.

Investigators in Havelock said the girls are facing juvenile petitions for filing a false police report and the cases is now being handled by both police and juvenile services.