POLICE: Havelock Woman Mistakenly Sells Drugs To Detective

A call about an alleged shoplifter back in November has netted two arrests in Havelock after police said the accused did not recognize a detective at her door- one she had spoken with hours earlier.

This story started November 2nd, according to Havelock Police, who said they were called to a Food Lion for the report of a shoplifter.

Officers said Sarah Price was accused of trying to steal a get well card from the grocery store, but was also found with pills in her pocket not prescribed to her.

After the incident, officers said Price told them she got the pill from a source in Serbia. Police charged her for the misdemeanor larceny, but withheld the drug charges pending lab test results.

Havelock officers said they reached an agreement with Price to meet up later at her house to talk about where she got the pills.

When officers arrived near her home later that night for the meeting, detectives said they could not see her address, so called and asked her to step out so they could find her. Once Price stepped out, detectives said she told them she had to make the sale quick since detectives were on their way.

According to officers, Price had not connected the dots and recognized the man she was trying to sell to was the same detective she had talked with earlier that day.

Officers said they had not altered their appearance in any way, not anticipating an undercover buy, and were wearing the same clothes.

Narcotics investigators proceeded with an undercover drug buy, and offered to help sell off the pills in Atlantic Beach.

Price invited the detectives into her home and passed that information along to her boyfriend, 23-year-old Melvin Charlton, who Cherry Point officials confirm is a sailor stationed there with the Marine Aircraft Wing.

Price took nearly 860 of the pills from a vacuum cleaner bag according to officers.

Detectives said even after identifying themselves, Price still did not understand the situation and officers opted to hold off on drug charges until they could test the pills.

The lab results came back on Wednesday, according to Havelock Police. That is when officers arrested Price and Charlton.

Investigators determined the pills were Alprazolam, a generic for Xanax, and did come from Serbia, through Memphis Tennessee via an online purchase.

Both have since bonded out of the Craven County Jail.

According to online court records, Sarah Price and Melvin Charlton are both due in court May 1st.