POLICE: Snap Shot Lands Baltimore Fugitive In Eastern Carolina Jail

Police said they arrested a man wanted in Maryland, with a history of assaulting officers, in the east.

Greenville police said before 4 a.m. on Thursday, an officer was investigating a suspicious vehicle near 28 Upton Court.

Police said they found two people in the car. One was released, but the other had no identification and the officer could not verify he was who he claimed to be.

Police said the officer got the suspect's permission, snapped a photo of him, and let him go.

That photograph was passed around the police department, according to investigators, when another officer identified the man as Quadell Pollins, a man wanted in Baltimore, Maryland.

Greenville police found Pollins around midnight on Thursday, and arrested him.

Police said Pollins is wanted in Maryland on various charges including robbery, assault, and drug charges.

Pollins was put in the Pitt County Detention Center, where is is awaiting extradition back to Maryland.

He is also facing charges in Greenville, now, for giving false information to officers to avoid prosecution.