POLICE: Greenville Man Identified As Walmart "Receipt Recycler"

Police have identified a man caught on camera who they say was recycling receipts at area Walmarts.

Earlier today, Kinston police released surveillance photos of the man with hopes someone would identify him. Shortly after 5:00 p.m. police said they would obtain warrants for 36-year-old Renford Harris of Greenville.

Police say Harris took discarded receipts found in the parking lots, and once inside he found the item on the receipt, took it off the shelf and went to customer service to get a cash refund.

Detectives say it happened at Walmarts in Kinston, Greenville and Washington.

Police said they received numerous phone calls from people who identified Harris after the pictures showed up in the media.

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Police, along with Mr. Whipple, would like to find out who is using recycled Walmart receipts to cash in at stores in Kinston, Greenville and Washington.

Kinston police say the man finds discarded receipts in the parking lots, then goes inside the Walmart and retrieves the matching items from the shelf. He then returns the items for cash.

The latest return caper was on June 20th where police say the man received cash for a 12 pack of Charmin Toilet Paper. Police today released surveillance pictures of the man with the hopes that someone will be able to identify him.

Anyone with information on the receipt recycler to call Kinston police at 252-939-3193.