POLICE: Machete-Wielding Robber Attacks Winterville Man

Police say a man was attacked by a machete-wielding robber Sunday night.

Greenville police say it happened around 8:45 p.m. in the 100 block of Riverbluff Road.

Mohammed Awadallah told officers he was meeting a man known as "Bootsie" and was planning to buy some jewelry from him. The victim said instead they discussed "Bootsie" buying some shoes from him that he had in his vehicle.

Police say the victim told him "Bootsie" got a hold of a machete and tried to assault Awadallah with it. The Winterville man was able to fend off the attack and run across the street, leaving his vehicle behind.

Police say the suspect and another man took the victim's vehicle which was loaded with shoes, hats and other clothing items. The vehicle was later found abandoned without the merchandise.

The victim told them there were 24 pairs of shoes, 12 sets of hoodies and sweatpants, and 24 baseball caps, with a total value of $1,000 inside.

So far police say they have made no arrests.