POLICE: Greenville Woman Left Dog In Hot Vehicle

A Greenville woman who was arrested last week for animal cruelty in Carteret County is facing the same charge in Greenville.

Police say April Smith was charged with animal cruelty after they found a dog left unattended in a hot car Wednesday afternoon on Heart Drive.

The pit bull mix female was showing obvious signs of heat distress, and police say the temperature inside the vehicle was between 101.9 and 107.9 degrees.

As police were about the make an emergency removal of the dog, police say Smith arrived.

Police say the 21-year-old woman was arrested last week in Carteret County for leaving the same dog in her car.

The woman was also arrested on outstanding warrants for assault on child under 12, assault inflicting serious injury and simple assault. She was jailed on a $12,500 bond.

The dog was taken to a vet, who said she was stressed and panting heavily. The dog is now in custody of Greenville Animal Control.