PHOTO: National Guard Members Criticized For Disrespectful Photo

(WTMJ) Outrage is growing over a photo posted by a Milwaukee soldier showing a group of soldiers posing in front of a flag-draped coffin.

The soldier who posted the photo on Instagram is suspended from her funeral honor guard duties.

The Wisconsin Army National Guard is also taking steps to protect the soldier after she received death threats for posting the photo.

"We also were appalled at the comments and pictures," said Major Paul Rickert with the Wisconsin National Guard.

The photo has soldiers, veterans and families of fallen service members outraged.

It shows soldiers smiling and posing around a flag draped casket with the caption, "We put the FUN in funeral... " The casket was empty, but military leaders were not amused.

"We know as service members by nature of what we do that could be us in that casket some day," said Rickert.

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