PGV Airport Runway Expansion Phase 2 To Begin With Home Demolitions

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Less than a year ago, the Pitt Greenville Airport started a project to expand its runway to make it safer for planes landing in Greenville. Wednesday, airport officials say, they're preparing to start the second phase of that expansion. Demolition has begun for two houses on Haw Drive.

Last October, residents on Haw Drive received a letter from the airport, notifying them about a 670 foot runway expansion which would run through half of the neighborhood.

Airport director Jerry Vickers says, 16 homes on Haw Drive were asked to sell their property and he says eight have agreed.

Phase 2 of the project which will stretch across Belvoir Highway to Fleming School Road, where he says owners of 5 homes on Fleming School Road have also been asked to sell.

"We're buying the right to take down your trees that are too tall because they penetrate the airspace, and we do that in a real friendly way. We come in, hire a good expert to take your trees down, grind the stumps and make sure it's lightly landscaped," said Vickers.

Vickers says the project will continue and manage to work around those who choose to stay.

Phase one is expected to be finished by the end of the month.

The entire project is expected to be finished by 2016.