PGV Airport Practices Crash Drill Same Day Of Emergency Landing

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On the same day one of their planes had to make an emergency landing, Pitt-Greenville Airport held an emergency response exercise, simulating a plane crash situation.

Monday night flames were coming off the runway at PGV Airport- all staged of course to make the rescue process as realistic as possible. There were fake victims with fake injuries, and even a hospital tent for them to be treated. Monday morning a plane had to turn around just after take-off because of a failed engine.

"It's imperative for all responders to always train for all the different types of scenarios and events. Airplane crashes are few and far between, but when they do happen, they're pretty catastrophic," said Major Robert Ard with the
N.C. Air National Guard.

The exercise is required by the Federal Aviation Administration once every three years in order for the airport to renew its commercial flight operations.