NEW INFO: Triple Murder Suspect Back To Central Prison

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A man charged in connection to one of the most notorious murder cases in the east and accused in a plot to kill a local sheriff is back behind bars in the state capital.

The Pitt County Detention Center confirmed Willie Whitehead was transferred back to central prison in Raleigh on Monday.

Whitehead was brought to Pitt County for a hearing earlier this month on charges connected to the Hustle Mart triple murder case.

Even though Whitehead asked a judge if he could stay in the Pitt County jail, that request was denied.

Whitehead's transfer back to Raleigh was delayed as the central prison was overcrowded.

Online court calendars show Whitehead is due back in a Pitt County courtroom March 20th.


Lack of space at the Central Prison in Raleigh is causing some problems at a local jail.

On Tuesday, WITN reported that Willie Whitehead appeared before a judge in Pitt County. The judge denied Whitehead's request to stay at the Pitt County Detention Center.

Judge Blount said it would be too much of a threat to allow Whitehead to stay in Pitt County. But on Wednesday, Whitehead remained at the jail because authorities say Raleigh is overcrowded.

In 2012, Whitehead was arrested, along with three others, for murdering three store clerks at the Hustle Mart in Farmville.

After he was arrested, authorities say Whitehead was also charged with plotting to kill the sheriff, members of the sheriff's family and members of the District Attorney's office.

The overcrowding, and a decision to house Whitehead temporarily, is something neither the judge nor the sheriff are happy about.

Captain Chad Singleton with the Pitt County Sheriff's Office says, "The awareness level seems to be a little more significant. We put certain control measures in that would minimize movement for an example of a particular person that may be involved in this case. We may order additional restraints to be applied or have two officers deal with an individual. So with those we take the necessary measures that we have to to deal with the individual on a limited basis to make sure the threat is not there."

The Pitt County Sheriff says he expects that Whitehead will be in Pitt County for only a few weeks. We're told his stay depends on how fast they can get him back to state prison.