Organizers Hold Rally In Support Of Ousted Pitt County Assistant DA Faris Dixon

Dozens showed up in front of the Pitt County courthouse early Sunday evening for a rally.

Event organizer Don Cavellini of the Pitt County Coalition Against Racism expressed his outrage in light of former Assistant District Attorney Faris Dixon's removal from office days after finishing first in the primary for Pitt County's district judge race.

Among the speakers at the rally were Kenneth Battle of New Covenant Church, Leon Johnson of Pitt County Residents for Democracy, Calvin Henderson of the Pitt County Chapter of the NAACP, Michael Adams of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, North of the River Focus Group, and Renee Boston-Hill of the African American Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

The speakers stressed the importance of voter registration and voting. They backed Dixon who was not present, stating that the 13-year veteran's removal from office has to do with the fact that he would be the first African American Pitt County District Judge. Cavellini said the District Attorney's Office is conducting a smear campaign against Dixon.

The SBI confirmed they received a request from the D.A. to investigate Dixon. There is no update on that investigation.