Pitt County Deputies Enforcing "Operation Support A Child"

Failing to pay your child support, and then not appear in court could mean a visit from a sheriff's deputy, and a trip to jail.

Pitt County's "Operation Support A Child" program at the Pitt County Sheriff's Office is in full swing.

Deputy Eric Todd is one of many that are looking for parents who haven't paid up on their child support.

Todd says some of them go to great lengths to stay in hiding, “We've had them under the sink, up in the attic lying under the insulation, in closets buried under clothes, under beds, lying under bath tubs.”

Lead child support agent Wanda Murphy says over 100 parents fail to comply every month.

Murphy says even if you don't have the money, the best advice, is to be at that court appearance.

“It's a whole lot easier to go to court, go before a judge and explain what's going on in your life keeping you from paying your child support, than to get a failure to appear, and sit in jail,” said Murphy

Once they've been in jail for 30 days, the county can put them on electronic house arrest so they can look for a job.

Some of the cases can be extreme.

“There are a lot of fathers who have lots of kids,” said Murphy, “I remember from cases I had in another county, one guy had 15 kids to one mother.”

Murphy says making sure all of these children are provided for, is her focus each and every day.

“That's why I do my job. That’s the main reason I do my job,” said Murphy.