Onslow Sheriff, Police Chief To Face Off In Primary

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It may be eight months away from primary election time, but an Onslow County-based police chief is not wasting time showing he intends to run for the office held by Sheriff Ed Brown for nearly a quarter of a century.

Board of Elections officials said Albert J. Ellis Airport Police Chief, Hans Miller, has filed opening of committee paperwork- signifying he intends to run for the office of sheriff in the 2014 elections.

By submitting paperwork to open his committee in advance of official filings, election officials said this creates a public record of the intent and campaign financing.

"I strongly believe in the Constitution of our great country, and am committed to serving people of our community," said Miller. "Tax dollars must be used appropriately to keep taxes low... Honor, integrity, and truth is our motto."

In April of this year, current Sheriff Ed Brown announced he would run for another term as Sheriff as a Republican; Brown has previously run and won the races for his office as a Democratic candidate.

According to the sheriff's office website, Brown says "I believe in a friendly and peaceful work place, a work place where individuals respect each other, a work place free of racism, sexual harassment, and violence... I believe in being conservative with your tax dollar. I always look for ways to save or stretch the tax dollar."

Both candidates will now face a Republican primary in May of 2014 before getting to the November ballot.