Onslow Schools Dropout Rate At 12-Year Low

The Onslow County School District's dropout rate is the lowest it has been in 12 years, and well below the state average.

We went to Dixon High School where one student recently dropped out, and is now signing back up and set to graduate.

Casey Lafar says her decision to go back to school is thanks to her mom and some pretty awesome teachers. Lafar says, "I unfortunately stayed home from school, I didn't attend. I didn't do my work, I was obnoxious. I eventually came back and I feel much better now."

Dixon High School principal Vikki Childress says in addition to just being there, the school has tutoring sessions during the school day and they work with students schedules who have jobs outside of school.

The dropout rate in Onslow County is 2.32 percent. Statewide it stands at 3-percent.