Onslow Memorial Hospital Extends Deadline In Search For Partner

Onslow Memorial Hospital has extended the deadline on bids from health systems that have expressed an interest in partnering.

The previous deadline was Monday, September 15. The new deadline is Monday, September 22.

The additional one-week extension will allow the health systems to have separate pre-bid conference calls with hospital management. The purpose of the calls will be to respond to technical questions and clear up any ambiguities.

The Onslow County Hospital Authority will review the information in closed session, and is not expected to take any action. Because of non-disclosure agreements with the potential partners, hospital officials are not at liberty to discuss the details of the proposals or share information presented in closed session.

Onslow Memorial Hospital sent out requests for proposals several months ago in an effort to find a partner that could assist with strategies for responding to the Affordable Care Act, as well as improve access to capital.


The search to find a partner for Onslow Memorial Hospital is moving forward but is designed to be a slow, methodical process.

That's according to Amy Sousa, hospital spokesperson. Sousa tells WITN the first round of bidding was completed in August, and that there were three bidders interested in a partnership.

Sousa confirms the second round of bidding will end on September 15. At that point, the Hospital Authority Board will review all final choices and pick the finalists. The finalists will then have to make presentations to show what they can bring to a partnership with Onslow Memorial.

Sousa said the bidding is meant to be a slow process so that all bidders have a chance to show interest, and the Board has time to research all those interested.

Here's how the timeline is expected to work:

September 15 – second round of bids due

September 25 – OCHA board meeting

October 30 – OCHA board meeting

November Board Meeting - Monday, November 24 at 4 p.m. because of Thanksgiving holiday

The OCHA could make a decision on the partnership proposals by January.