Onslow District Attorney Will Tell Deputies To Start Enforcing Internet Sweepstakes Ban

Onslow County will join at least two other counties in the state in shutting down Internet sweepstakes locations.

District Attorney Ernie Lee says he will meet Monday morning with Onslow County deputies. Lee says he will tell them to start enforcing the statute on the Internet sweepstakes ban.

Already, Cumberland and Wake counties launched a crackdown of the businesses after the North Carolina Supreme Court upheld the 2010 law banning sweepstakes games late last year.

Lee's decision is also expected to impact locations in Duplin, Jones and Sampson counties, which are also in his district.

Operators have tried to introduce new software they say complies with the law, but district attorneys say even with the changes the businesses are breaking the law.

Last week, one of the sweepstakes software providers announced it was closing its locations in several counties because of the crackdown.