Onslow County Volunteer Firefighters Deliver Supplies To Hurricane Ravaged Northeast

A group of volunteer rescuers who dropped everything to help strangers up north devastated by Hurricane Sandy have returned home and are ready to leave again.

Just back from a destroyed New York and New Jersey in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, rescuers and fire fighters from South East Onslow County describe the horrible things they saw.

Fifteen volunteers collected donations and left last week to help strangers homeless after the deadly storm.

Brian Romans is the Bear Creek Fire Chief. He says, "They're already emotional, they've already lost everything and you're that sense of hope, you're that sense of relief, that sense of there is a tomorrow, it is going to get better. We tried our best not to break down in front of them. Once we got back to the fire department every night, that's when we'd have our round table discussion. Hey what did we do today? Did we make a difference? And we'd all get emotional with each other away from those that actually lost everything."

In the five days they were gone, the volunteers helped hundreds of people desperate for simple things like water, food, and a shoulder to cry on.

While they just got back, they've spent the last two days gathering more supplies and will be leaving again Friday.