Onslow County Students Hope To Recycle Thousands Of Styrofoam Lunch Trays

Onslow County students use and throw out 19,000 Styrofoam trays every school day for their lunches, but a group of elementary school children have introduced a way to recycle those trays.

One group of kids in the gifted program at Queens Creek Elementary school realized how terrible these white plastic trays are for the environment--did the research and found a machine that will melt them into smaller plastic logs.

The Swansboro school borrowed the machine for Earth Day, but their very own will cost 14,000 dollars.

As their global kindness project, the kids are asking all Onslow County students to donate a dollar so they can buy their very own--and start recycling.

One thing these plastic logs can do is be reused as bio diesel fuel. Another option is to turn them into flower pots that kids can sell and raise money for the school.