Onslow County Fire Crews Prepared For The Unexpected On Calls

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The case of a Georgia man who lured 5 firefighters to his home and held them hostage Wednesday raises questions about firefighter safety everywhere, including here in the east.

We spoke with crews in Onslow County trained for hostile situations and they say they prepare for the worst before leaving on calls.
Fire Marshal Brian Kelly says even dispatchers are trained to pick up on certain things and to pass that information on to crews.

One main part of training is to instill situational awareness in firefighters. They know when they're going out to a scene, it might not always be what they think.

"When we get on scene whether it's a car accident where 2 people are fighting, and someone decides to get a gun- we've seen that here with road rage where we need to be attentive to that. Or it's an actual fire like we saw in New York where your heart is racing and we want to go put the fire out and there is someone hiding in the woods. Some of those things we can be prepared for and others we can't, but its about being keen, about being aware," said Fire Marshal Kelly.