Onslow Co. Board Of Commissioners Oppose Home Insurance Rate Hike

The Onslow County Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution Wednesday night, opposing the rate hike requested by the North Carolina Rate Bureau.

The Rate Bureau filed that request earlier this month, asking for a statewide average increase of about 25% on all home insurance plans in the state.

In a statement, Board Chairman Paul Buchanan said the proposed hike is especially harsh for homeowners in Onslow County, who already pay rates that are "five times higher" than many counties in central and western North Carolina.

The Onslow County Board of Commissioners strongly encourages the North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance to reject the proposed increase.

Commissioners are encouraging all homeowners in 20 coastal counties to join Onslow in traveling to Raleigh on Friday, January 24th, and to make contact with the Department of Insurance protesting the requested rate increase.

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Home insurance premiums could go up this Fall, if the North Carolina Rate Bureau gets its way.

The Bureau filed a rate hike on Friday, requesting a statewide average increase of about 25% on all home insurance plans in North Carolina.

In the east, homeowners living in Lenoir, Greene, Duplin, coastal Onslow, and Carteret counties would see their premiums jump by 35%.

Martin and Pitt counties are looking at a 22% hike, while Bertie county home insurance would increase by nearly 17%.

Homeowners say this proposal hits the middle class the hardest.

Teresa Jones of Kinston said, "They're trying to suck the life out of everybody. It's the middle class that's getting killed with everything going on. Taxes and insurance. The richer are richer and the poor are getting poorer. That's the bottom line."

If the increase is approved, the change could take effect as soon as August 1st.