Onslow Co. Approves New Tax Distribution, Less Money For Largest Cities

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Big bucks are on the way for Onslow County. Its largest city on the other hand, is set to lose almost $2 million as a result.

Monday the Onslow County commissioners voted 3 to 2 in favor of a new sales tax distribution method. The new method will bring the county almost $1.2 million in added revenue, but the city of Jacksonville will lose $1.8 million. Deputy city manager Ron Massey says the old method was 40% population based, 60% property tax based, but the new method is 100% property tax based. Since Jacksonville has a large population, excluding population as a factor in the sales tax equation means the city's budget will take a hit. Residents could be paying the price.

"Now I'll have to re-budget, okay now, I can't take the kids to a vacation, or something. Or I really, mostly have to restrict everything to the home," said Jacksonville resident Amanda Holston.

Massey says they have until the end of June to finalize their budget. He says property tax increases, increases in garbage bills, and cuts to law enforcement staff are all options at this point.