Onlsow County Schools Get No Budget Increase For 2013-2014

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Onslow County Schools will get $2.5 Million less than they thought for next school year.

The Onslow County Board of Education met with county commissioners Tuesday afternoon to talk about the budget. Over the past three years commissioners say they agreed on a plan to increase the schools budget each year by three million dollars, but this year they can't afford it.

Not only are school board members disappointed by the news, they're also put off by what they say has been a lack of communication.

"The commissioners met and decided on this, and the next day we heard about it through a broadcast on the radio, which was quite alarming since that day they made that decision we were working on our budget. We would have loved for them to have the respect for us and meet with us and say these are our dilemmas for this year and can you help us." said Pamela Thomas with the Onslow County Board of Education.

The county chair Barbara Ikner says they would give more money to the schools if they could, but this year the schools will have to make due with the same $42.4 million dollar budget as last year, and commissioners will revisit the issue next year.