Online Safety Software To Protect Your Kids

In the digital age-relationships between strangers and your kids have no boundaries.

Unlike being on the playground where you’re in ear-shot if they’re in distress, The world wide web can be a playground for predators.

There's a new program to monitor your children online could be a new tool for you, developed by two men from our state.

Think about this: According to the pew research center 95% of teens between 12-17 go online. 73% of them have profiles.. on twitter, Facebook or the like.

Amanda Abbott’s son is just 8 years old, she already watches what he sees on-line.

“Normally we sits there with him, he usually gets 30 minutes at a time and we monitor whatever website he’s on at that time.” Says Abbott.

Statistically, according to the Pew Research Center: 78% of teens now have a cell phone, and almost half of them own smartphones where they can log on to the internet. So keeping up with all can be difficult, according to Detective Glen Webb with the Greenville Police Internet Crimes Division.

"Most people don’t access Facebook from a computer but from a phone, most kids I see have a smart phone so they do have that Facebook and twitter access right there in their hand so it’s harder for parents to monitor it, especially if they’re not using the same account on their phone that they use at home.” says Webb.

So, Greenville Mayor, Allen Thomas who is a co-founder of a technology company, partnered with a fellow parent and software developer to come up with a tool to help parents in the digital world.

Zabra is a monitoring software for parents, basically, when your child sends or receives a message that talks about sexually behavior, drugs, alcohol or even bullying, you get a notification on your computer or phone.

The system is not considered spyware, according to Thomas, but a way to keep your children from slipping through your fingertips into the hands of a predator.

There are similar software options, and Zabra should launch nationwide in the future, but so far it’s in its early stage and being tested in market across the country this month.