One-Time Merit Increase For Pitt County Employees

Pitt County employees will receive a one-time merit payment this year.

According to county officials, $171,450 in merit compensation will go to county staff - which would amount to $150.00 for each employee.

Employees must meet guidelines under the performance evaluation process used by the county if they hope to get the bonus.

The money is from unused tag & tax program funds from the state.

Pitt County in total received $336,000 back.

The other funds will be distributed to each municipality and fire district.

Employees will also receive additional leave time depending on their evaluation.

There's no word on when that money will be distributed, but final merit evaluations were due on the 15th of this month.

Just last month, four high ranking Pitt County employees turned down bonuses given to them after a closed door meeting last month, saying the bonus had become a distraction for all the good work that is being done.