NEW INFO: Old Warehouse Collapses In Washington

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Washington authorities say what's left of a building that collapsed Wednesday night is structurally unsound.

The front of the old warehouse on North Bridge Street fell in around 8:45 p.m.

Fortunately, no one was inside the building at the time which is used for storage. It is owned by Robin Moore.

Moore's grandson, Justin Moore, says the rear of his Tahoe was damaged by the falling debris. He tells us the SUV had been parked there because he was driving a work truck.

Chief building inspector Wayne Harrell says he believes the 70-year-old building collapsed because of its age.

The owner hopes to be able to salvage the rear portion of the warehouse.

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Some concerning moments for people in Washington who reported seeing several police and emergency vehicles outside a building.

Police and Fire Services Director Stacy Drakeford says a one-story building collapsed on the 400 block of North Bridge Street.

Drakeford says the call came in around 8:50 Wednesday night. We're told there were no injuries or fire associated with the collapse.

Drakeford also says the building was not being used by any businesses. Code enforcement officials in Washington will decide if there's an investigation into the matter.