Pitt Co. Deputies Search For Parents Not Paying Child Support

WITN had the chance Wednesday to head out with Pitt County Sheriff's Deputies as they looked for parents not paying child support.

It's all part of the "Operation Support Your Child" program that started on Mother's Day and runs through Father's Day.

While we were with deputies, they arrested three fathers who are accused of failing to pay child support.

Pitt County Deputies say they serve parents with a notice informing them they are behind in payments and are scheduled for a court date. If that parent misses the court date, deputies search for parents to make an arrest.

Rudy Newsome, a deputy with the child support unit, says, "It's a fulfilling job. I like to know that children are being taken care of and this is a necessary evil as far as it's a job that has to be done. And I'm up for the task. It is hard to see so many people not want to take care of their kids."

Newsome says once a parent is arrested they are brought to the Pitt County Detention Center where they will talk to their case worker to decide how much money that parent must pay in order to get out of jail and set up monthly payments once out of jail.