Ohio Vacationer Dies In Emerald Isle Surf

There has been another water-related death on the Crystal Coast.

Emerald Isle police say a 65-year-old Ohio man was swimming with his wife around 12:50 p.m. today.

They say David Bowman of Athens, Ohio decided to stay in the water, while his wife went to sit on the beach. A short time later witnesses reported seeing something floating in the water and went in to help after realizing it was a person.

Bowman was pulled to shore by his wife and others. CPR was started, but the man was pronounced dead at Carteret General Hospital.

Police are not yet sure whether a medical condition may have played a role in the death.

It's the third water-related death so far this summer at Emerald Isle. Last month another Ohio man died after rescuing his two children from the water and in June a foreign exchange student drowned while swimming at the popular beach.