Officer Thalmann's Mom: "He Was Doing Something He Loved"

A memorial service took place Wednesday night on the Washington waterfront to honor the life of fallen New Bern officer and Washington resident Alexander Thalmann.

Thalmann's mom Stacey hugged person after person at the service.

She said, "I'm so happy that he was doing something that he loved doing, because so many people don't. And I want to thank you all for coming. Thank you."

Along with his family, hundreds of police officers and friends of Thalmann held candles, and consoled each other at a memorial service.

His childhood friend, Dezmond Ross described the feeling of saying goodbye. "It hurt, it hurt really bad. I wanted to cry but I couldn't anymore. I'd cried enough, and today I wanted to stand strong for him."

Ross says he'll remember the good times he and Thalmann shared growing up.

At 7 feet tall, Ross says he was always the one looking down on Thalmann. Now that he's passed away, he knows Thalmann, will be looking down on him.

Ross says, "He was a brother first and a best friend second, and I'm proud to have him in my life."