Health Care Enrollment Deadline Winds Down

Agents at the N.C. Enroll Center in Greenville were hard at work Monday, the final day to sign people up for Affordable Care Act.

"Today has been a little hectic but good. It's been very good," said Operations Director Sharon Evans. "The phones are ringing off the hook so we're doing phone enrollments, walk-in enrollments. A few people had some appointments and I mean, there were people here before we opened this morning at 7:30."

When enrollment first opened in October, the healthcare website caused issues for many trying to sign up. An estimated 200 people signed up for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina at the filing center Monday. That's up from their typical 20. was stalling, but not to the same extent.

Evans said, "It has a little bit, but I think the technology is a little bit better. They're a lot faster with getting it repaired and getting you back on."

For Calvin Ellison, waiting until the last day wasn't the plan, but his procrastination was painless.

"10 minutes," said Ellison. "It was an easy process for us. I guess coming in here last minute made it easy for us. That was not my intent, but it was okay."

Even if you don't complete the enrollment process by midnight, as long as you've started to sign up, you'll make the final cut.