OWNER: Pit Bulls Kill One Dog, Injured Another In Attack

A poodle is dead, while another dog is recovering after their owner says they were attacked by two pit bulls.

Velita Ivey says it happened Wednesday in the backyard of her Kinston home.

She says Rex was killed when her neighbor's dogs crawled under her fence on Cameron Drive and attacked her two dogs. Another neighbor saw what was happening and had to throw bricks at the two dogs to get them to stop. Rex was already dead, while her other dog, Snowball, was injured.

The pit bull owner tells WITN News that her dogs have been declared dangerous by animal control officers. The pit bulls must now be chained in a fenced yard when outside, and must be muzzled when walked on a leash.

Two years ago, Kinston's public safety director proposed banning pit bulls from the city, but that idea was never acted on by city council.