ONWASA Customers Concerned About Drinking Water Standard Violation

A letter about a drinking water standard violation concerned some Onslow Water and Sewer Authority customers.

ONWASA says the test site only directly affects about 60 customers at the end of White Oak River Road in Maysville in Jones County.

ONWASA stresses there is no immediate health risk.

It is required by the state to send the letter to all of its more than 42,000 customers.

It says tri-halo-methanes, or THM's, tested too high for EPA drinking standards at the end of 2013. The standard is 80 parts per a billion and the sample was 84 parts per a billion.

THM's are a by-product, predominantly when chlorine is used to disinfect water.

Over many years the THM's can cause liver, kidney, and central nervous system problems.

It can also increase your risk of getting cancer.

WITN spoke with Rebecca Hass on Thursday. Hass lives on the end of White Oak River Road with her two young boys.

Hass said, "I think I'm going to do some research on it and follow a little more closely the testing results and what not on the water."

ONWASA Spokeswoman Teresa Zavala said, "In order for anyone to gain any adverse affects from that being in the water, they would have to consume 12 gallons of water a day for a period of 12 years. I mean it's just an excessive amount for anything to really come from it."

ONWASA says a test in November had high levels of THM's. It's now waiting on tests results from a sample taken Monday.

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