OBX POLICE: Burglar Leaves Driver's License Behind

Police say a burglar left something behind that made their job much easier--his driver's license.

Kill Devil Hills police said the Plaza Azteca Mexican Restaurant was broken into Thursday.

Police say the burglar got in through a ventilation shaft on the roof of the restaurant. On the roof police found a driver's license that resembled the person seen on surveillance video inside.

Royce Young, Jr. was arrested later that day at his home after a short chase involving police. Inside his home they not only found the stolen cash register drawer and other items taken from the restaurant, but also cocaine, oxycodone, and drug paraphernalia.

Young has been charged with felonious breaking and entering, possession of stolen property, and injury to real property.

He, along with Morgan Folaros and Anthony Faulkiner, are facing drug charges from Dare County.

Young has a $200,000 bond.