North Carolina Zoo Gorilla Is Pregnant

The North Carolina Zoo has another pregnant gorilla.

The zoo in Asheboro announced Thursday that its third female gorilla is pregnant and should deliver this summer.

A successful pregnancy would mean all three of the zoo's female gorillas will have given birth in less than a year.

Eighteen-year-old Acacia is expected to give birth in June or July.

The father of all three is Nkosi, a 22-year-old male who came from the Columbus Zoo in 2008.

Thirteen-year-old Jamani gave birth Aug. 4 to a male that has been named Bomassa. Jamani had come from the San Diego Zoo in 2010.

It was the first gorilla birth at the zoo in 23 years.

Four weeks later, 17-year-old Olympia delivered a male name Apollo. Olympia had come from Zoo Atlanta in 2009.

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