Tuition At Community Colleges To Increase By 50 Cents Per Credit

Students at community colleges across our state will see another tuition hike this fall. The increase is 50 cents per credit, but students say every dollar counts while they're in college.

"It doesn't matter how much or how little it is. We hear from students," says Robie McFarland, Senior Director for Student Services at Carteret Community College.

At Carteret Community College, there's a new program to help students afford their education. McFarland says in addition to millions of dollars in financial aid, they've teamed up with the College Foundation of North Carolina to come up with a payment plan.

"25 dollars to apply to the program," McFarland explains. "Then they pay for equal installments which are due August, September, October, November 1."

College officials say students have to apply for that program by August 1. They add that books are not included in the plan.