Attorney General Brings Anti-Drug Message To North Pitt

North Carolina's attorney general is visiting a Pitt County high school Wednesday.

At North Pitt High School Roy Cooper is kicking off the Stop Rx Drug Abuse competition, which is aimed at warning people about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Cooper spoke to students Wednesday morning, but it was a local mother who had students focused on every word and warning.

Shannon Ruiz's 16-year-old daughter Kaitlyn died nearly three years ago. Ruiz says Kaitlyn abused Xanax and Fentanyl after a knee injury.

Ruiz told students that her daughter was an A student, who participated in competitive cheerleading and wanted to be a cardiologist to save lives. After her death, Kaitlyn did by being an organ donor.

Ruiz, of Lenoir County, is carrying on her daughter's memory by talking to students about the dangers of prescription drugs.

She says,"I can't bring Kaitlyn back, but with her story I can save other people's children. With her story it would make it worth it."

Students will now get a chance to be advocates.

Any North Carolina high school student can participate by creating a brief public service announcement video for teen prescription drug abuse and submitting it from now through April 15.

This is the third year for the contest.