Non-Profit Honors Military Spouses With Gift-Filled Shoe Boxes

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A group is honoring military spouses one shoe box at a time. A group of 1000 military spouses in the east are getting thank yous this week from the non-profit group Support Military Spouses. The group asks businesses around the country to donate little things to fill up shoe boxes. They then hand the gifts out to military spouses to honor all they do.

"Its nice to see that someone can recognize what we do at home. A lot of people think that military wives have it easy and we just sit back and enjoy the benefits, but a lot of us we have to man the household whenever they're gone, deployed, or at work working ridiculous hours. Its nice that someone can think of you enough to appreciate the work that we do," said military wife Emily Hanke.

The group will be in Jacksonville Wednesday as well to hand out shoe boxes to military spouses. They'll be at the Marine Federal Credit Union on Western Boulevard until 5:00 p.m..