New Technology To Protect Your Property

New technology has the Greenville Police Department excited about the potential to crack down on burglaries and thefts.

The technology is called "Cop Dots", and the company that makes them says they'll make stolen items, even ones like copper and car parts, easy to trace.

The company "Data Dot Services" makes the Cop Dots, which are basically tiny specs in adhesive that you can mark your property with.

But at a microscopic view, the dots are actually traceable data, which could bring stolen items back to their rightful owners.

James Mounce from Data Dot Services says the dots come out of what looks like a pen, each with its own individual data.

He says, "This pen's going to be dots 1234. Another pen's going to be 1235, another pen 1236. So each individual pen is going to be registered to you."

When police put the items marked with the dots under a black light, they become visible.

The pens will be available at Lowe's for $29.98. The code is registered to you when you buy the pen.

Mounce says there are around 3,000 dots per pen, enough to mark around 50 items.

He also says once the adhesive dries, it's virtually impossible to remove.